Woot pallet


The alarming state of the environment is what causes scientists and environmentalists to search for new, renewable materials to replace many fossil materials. And wood pellets are considered one of the most effective solutions for the moment. Wood pellets can be made from many raw materials – by-products in the woodworking industry, of which the most common is humus. Wood pellets made from humus are called humus wood pellets or humus tablets.

Wood pellets are a form of renewable energy (biomass), using this energy contributes to limit the scarcity of fossil fuels due to over-exploitation and also reduces the impact of climate change. . global work caused by the use of fossil fuels, as well as other states of environmental pollution.

* The uses that Wood pellets brings:
1. Wood pellets for industrial use
2. Used in heating and hot water supply
3. Use in cooking
4. Use wood pellets to line livestock and livestock cages
5. Wood pellets are used to increase nutrients, reduce acidity and balance soil pH

Due to the increasing demand for wood pellets, wood pellet factories have been developing rapidly in the world in recent years. Wood pellets are considered a carbon-neutral form of renewable energy. So mills started to convert their more fuel-intensive systems to pellet systems or mills that used both over and pellets at the same time. When the demand for industrial wood pellets is developing rapidly, the potential of wood pellets in civil life has not been properly exploited. Most people do not realize the benefits of wood pellets for them.

-Cost saving: The price of wood pellets is much lower than that of traditional fuels and its efficiency is no less than these traditional fuels. Furthermore, wood pellets are small in size and lower in moisture content than other solid fuels, making it easier to burn. And last but not least, wood pellets have strict requirements on chemical content, ensuring factors of health safety and environmental protection.

-Environmental protection: Wood pellet factories use wood as raw materials, causing many people to worry about deforestation and adverse impacts on the environment. In fact, the cutting and processing of wood is an activity of the forestry and logging industry, not of the pellet mill. The “wood material” of the wood pellet mill is a by-product from the wood processing process such as sawdust, wood chips and plant waste. Fresh wood is not suitable for the production of wood pellets because it requires more complex drying and handling of raw materials. Wood pellet mill is not an environmental threat, it does not cause forest degradation. On the contrary, it helps to make efficient use of forestry by-products. In addition, wood pellets are a low-carbon renewable fuel that protects the environment and is a leading alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Above is our share about the meaning and function of wood pellets in our lives. If you are interested in wood pellets, learn, use and experience the effectiveness of this extremely useful biomass energy!

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