Cashew Nut From Vietnam – The origin of cashew is based on evidence that strongly indicates Brazil, or at least tropical South America, as the center of origination of the species currently known as Anacardium occidentale. The warm and moist climate conditions found especially in the coastal regions of Northeast Brazil, with air humidity about 70 %, are ideal for cashew growing. The name cashew is in fact derived from the indigenous dialect word “acaju”

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Cardanol Oil

– Refined cashew oil is a product distilled from crude cashew shell oil, used as a fuel to replace FO

CNSE Pellet

Cashew nut shell extraction was a waste products after being obtained pressing cashew nut shell to receive cashew nut shell

Refined cashew oil

Crude oil has not gone through the warehouse, extracted, so the content is high quality. From the physico-chemical properties available